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Сообщение WilliamR » 19 июн 2021, 12:54

Let’s talk about “Justice for Han” and bringing Han back. You had stepped away from the franchise when Han’s supposed of death by Deckard Shaw’s hands played out in Furious 7. How did you initially feel about that retroactive change to a character that you had created?


This month marks a milestone for one of the most underrated Disney films. The Rocketeer arrived in theaters in the summer of 1991, delivering a 1930s-era adventure of a pilot who stumbles upon a jetpack being sought after by gangsters, FBI agents, Nazis, and millionaire industrialist Howard Hughes. Though the film failed to take off at the box office, its fans are legion (and this writer counts himself among them).

I saw #BlackWidow! Interlaced with the well done action and humor is some of the darker material we’ve seen in the MCU, which packs a punch. The cast is all great with Florence Pugh a standout. A couple of beats near the end I could have done without but overall I really dug it.

I’m always up for a classic horror story, which means I’m in the tank for A Classic Horror Story, a new Netflix movie arriving in July. This trailer gives us a much better look at the movie compared to the previous teaser, and based on what I’m seeing here, this very much looks like Cabin in the Woods meets Scream meets Midsommar. And maybe a little Texas Chain Saw Massacre/Wrong Turn crossed with Kill List thrown in for good measure


If there’s one thing we’re looking forward to on Peacock, it’s the forthcoming MacGruber TV series, based on the (truly incredible) feature film comedy of the same name, which was in turn based on the Saturday Night Live sketch parody of MacGyver. We’ve yet to see any photos or footage from the show, but during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, star and executive producer Will Forte read an absurd and hilarious speech from the series about why his team’s latest mission is so important. It’ll be the best thing you watch all day.

The iconography and world of the show, including many of the included characters, could lead one to believe that this is going to presage a lot of what The Book of Boba Fett could feature. Fennec Shand and Bib Fortuna, two characters who have already figured into that show, have appeared. Could Bane or other elements of The Bad Batch pop up there, knowing that current Star Wars mastermind Dave Filoni and his team are working hand in glove on all of Star Wars? 

When I left [the Fast and Furious franchise], I felt like it was time. That I came in with Han and I was going to leave with Han, so there was never any intention of bringing him back. And we were having a — I think it was 15th anniversary Better Luck Tomorrow screening at the Egyptian — and that was the first time, during the Q&A, someone brought up “Justice for Han.” I was like, “What’s Justice for Han?” And when I found out I was baffled, but I think if anything, I maybe was a little hurt. I think that he was such a beloved character, the way he was treated it was almost like he was just dismissed. And I really appreciated that [social media uproar].Doormat
Best Non Slip Bath Rugs
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